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Teresa Caldwell

Teresa Caldwell

Hi, I am Teresa Caldwell,

I am who I am I don’t apologize for being the ditzy blonde or the quiet type, I will go out of my way to help you, I probably trust too much, and forgive easily. This is my Blog about my journey on Route 66. I want to recreate the past and share it with you through my artwork. I love to paint, sketch, screen print and who knows, I might just make some kind of sculpture. It is an adventure waiting to happen, to bring back the past.
That almost has a Back to the Future sound to it doesn’t it?

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  1. Teresa Caldwell

    I can’t wait to meet you also. I have met a few of the Route 66 warriors. Bob Lile, Tattoo Man (Ron Jones) and his lovely wife. I have talked to Rich Dinkela but I haven’t met him yet.
    I am sorry it has taken a few months for me to respond to your message, life gets crazy sometimes, and time goes by in a blink of an eye.
    Look forward to meeting you.


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